About Us

TSAML is a firm of Qualified Advisers who have been helping clients with prudent and pragmatic advice ensuring client’s welfare is looked after first.

Welcome to TS Asset Management Ltd (TSAML) – The team of mortgage specialists who are here to support financial intermediaries to deal with multiple types of financial deals. 

When it comes to experience, at TS Asset Management Ltd we have been supporting clients with the special lending enquiries from any of our financial intermediaries.

This includes Commercial, Bridging Loans, Specialist Residential, Buy to let and Second Charge Mortgages.

Our objective is to offer the simplest solutions to the most complex financial cases. Every single enquiry will be reviewed on its own circumstances and we work alongside you to get the best deal available for your valuable clients.

Since we started in 2012, TSAML is dedicated to providing support within these specialist mortgage types.


With all our experience, knowledge and specialists in the mortgage industry we have come together to provide a wide-range of lenders on our panel to help you with tricky cases that mainstream lenders may refuse

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