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Welcome to TS Asset Management Ltd (TSAML) – The team of mortgage specialists who are here to support financial intermediaries of all levels of experience to deal with multiple types of financial deals.

This site is for Intermediaries Only.

If you are a consumer looking for a bridging loan or short-term finance please click below.


Commercial Mortgage

“At TS Asset Management Ltd, our team are specialists in commercial mortgages, whether your client is an experienced investor or completely new to property, we can help...”
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Bridging Loans

“Need a bridging loan? At TS Asset Management Ltd we pride ourselves on our ability to source the best deals at lower rates, lower fees and higher commissions.”
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Specialist Residential

“Need a team of experts to place tricky cases? At TS Asset Management Ltd we love a challenge and thrive on helping our brokers and borrowers handle specialist cases.”
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Second Charge Mortgages

“At TS Asset Management Ltd we offer tailored solutions to suit you and your process, Second Charge Mortgages offer value to clients who are…”
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Buy to Let

“Our expert mortgage advisers share their knowledge on how to get Buy to Let mortgages, find out more info about BTL mortgages here.”
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Semi Commercial

“At TSAML we are a specialist mortgage broker & packagers so properties with business and residential (semi-commercial) mortgages that are combined in the same building, eg. A shop with flat/living space upstairs... ”
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Why choose us?

Specialist Advisers

Our mortgage advisers are specialists with in-depth knowledge of the whole market. They are able to look at a range of products available to them.

Customer Satisfaction

We have access to whole of mortgage market from residential, commercial and protection that means we can find the most suitable deals for you.

Trained Adviser

Our mortgage advisers are highly qualified and trained. We can say with pride to our customers that our mortgage advisers are fully trained and highly qualified.

Lifetime Relationship

We like to think we are getting in to a lifetime relationship with you when we arrange a mortgage for you. It means we are committed.


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